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The Humming Bird

Afro Caribbean & European Hairdresser's & Barbers


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The Humming Bird is an Afro Caribbean & European Hairdresser's & Barbers giving a
crucial service to the Afro Caribbean community for the Basingstoke area.
Before Anthony Williams opened The Humming Bird there was nowhere in Basingstoke that catered
for the Afro Caribbean community. People would have to travel  to London, Reading Bristol, Birmingham etc or
the famous KITCHEN SALON where friends would practice their skills on your head.
I opened this salon because of the lack of professional service in the above area's.
We specialise in the following Barbers, Colour colour, Cornrow, Dreadlocks (& re-
twist), Hair Extensions, Plats, Relaxing, Stream Treatment, Weaves etc. Everyone is
welcome and I can promise you a warm & friendly professional atmosphere and service.
So come and find out for yourself.
We look forward to seeing you.